1 config files in etc need updating

It handles both source and binary packages, and it can be used to create binary packages for distribution.

"all these worlds are yours, except /default - attempt no editing there" -- duckfez, 2010 The default directory contains preconfigured versions of the configuration files. Important: Never change or copy the configuration files in the default directory.The most common Linux shell is BASH (Bourne Again Shell). Portage is a package management system that is used by Gentoo and Sabayon to install, uninstall and maintain software on your system from the source code. You need a Sabayon Linux or a Gentoo Linux installation, a working brain (not everybody has one :), some eyes and the ability to read, think and learn. How do I install software in Sabayon from source code? You can set flags in this file instead of passing the flags at the command line. The configuration file /etc/lsb-release was modified (by you or by a script). If you want to keep your current version, say 'Keep', otherwise it will be replaced.