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Basically, it's interesting that what men prefer the most is watching women strip on a webcam and being able to talk to them while they do, telling the women what they want to see.Once this became available (through high-quality broadband streaming of webcam video) it just shot to the top of popularity; it's even more popular than the tube sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube. Almost all of the webcam girls are from eastern Europe or southeast Asia.

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i was thinking for online gf ,but it can't work for me in real as i wouldn't have much time in future nd it would be... I miss getting to know that person and everything about them, their favorite color, favorite poem, song, etc. I think it's really cute having an online gf with the intention of meeting her one day maybe:') I... A female friend, someone to talk to about anything. Just a friend who I can share a sisterly bond with. i want a girl to stay forever :-) but we have to be on the same level and I'm still single.So what's the most popular porn site on the planet?The single most popular adult site in the world is Live, a webcam site which gets around 32 million visitors a month, or almost 2.5% of all internet users!You're telling me a webcam site is more popular than Porn Hub?Live Jasmin is the most popular adult site on the web by a huge margin.