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In the unlikely event that there are any Playstation 3 owners who haven't taken a sick day to buy it, we should probably inform you that arriving in stores today is Sony's God of War III, the series' biggest, most ambitious entry yet.

Ok so me and a friend were watching grand theft auto:san andreas vids on youtube and in 1 of them it showed that you can actually watch CJ and his girlfriend having sex and me and my friend want to know how to do that in the game. The game was originally going to include it, but the developers thought otherwise last minute.

Only way to see it is through Gameshark/Action Replay. PC version too.first apply the following cheat: R1, Circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X, X, Square, R1.(hotring racer#1)then come in front of a hot babe,(the one with the huge boobs)if she ignores you, go look for another will ask u that "That would be the Hot Coffee Shop Mod.

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We don't host content like that here on Super Cheats, so I can't really link you to it.