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Summer may mean long road-trips, being stuck at the in-laws, heading back to a hotel room for a couple of hours everyday so that baby can nap, or taking long strolls outside.Whatever you find yourself doing this summer, there are probably lots of opportunities to get some new ideas or insights by streaming some of the top parenting podcasts.Morra was founding Political Director for Blog, and has covered events from the White House to the campaign trail to Harvard Law School in her role as a blogger on women, politics, and work.Morra was Director of Internet Marketing for the Democratic National Committee and founded Edelman’s digital public affairs team.The Longest Shortest Time podcast has a cult-like following that is well deserved due to Frank's no-holds-barred approach to parenting with topics including “The Parents' Guide to Doing It,” how a friendship is impacted when you have a baby and your best friend is still child-free, postpartum depression, and how to parent like a clown.Go to The Longest Shortest time archives and check it out! Need to hear another mom lose it the same way you do in private sometimes?On a mild fall day, the trees, grass, and leaves all blend together, and you can comfortably take it in without squinting your eyes.You’re also much less likely to tap out due to heat exhaustion with cooler temperatures.

He takes a lot of photos with his phone and will explain just about any photography app at length.Jessica Ashley is a content strategist who guides brands and bloggers to strategically take over the editor-in-chief seat for their own sites.She’s author of the single-mom-in-the-city blog, Sassafrass (Babble’s #3 relationship blog, 2013, Top 100 Mom Blogs, 20) and host of the forthcoming Single Mom Nation, a community for single moms and divorcing women.His photography has been seen on Flickr’s blog and appeared on the Explore page dozens of times since he joined in 2004.He has two daughters, both burgeoning photographers themselves.