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One minute I am laughing at myself about this and the next I am checking the site and fearing no one wants me, so feeling rejected. Chances are we would not be one of those happy couples, we would be aggravated and pissed off. Get your BPD into remission before you think about dating.Just recently, a friend told me that she had a new boyfriend. An hour later I removed the profile because I have no intention of dating anyone. Relationships are hard enough, but to add BPD to the mix is a recipe for disaster.Yea, I made a profile on and get emails once a week with "matches".Gawd, how many women with obesity and cats are there in my community.

This article will focus on highlighting male BPD symptoms and some of the red flags to look out for.An unstable sense of self is characteristic of the disorder, along with impulsiveness and demanding behavior.Substance abuse and promiscuity are also common, and may be connected.(Please bear in mind that I have no close friends and even find it hard chatting to my parents on the phone! Now I've had time to think about this I realize I am happy on my own (or am I? Three women have viewed my profile and I've looked at theirs and suddenly on the one hand I am imagining perfect romantic walks and long term relationships and on the other I am picking fault with their profiles and can't stand them!! And you feel those little pangs of pain when you see the happy couples kissing and holding hands, thinking I want that too.Part of me also seeks the attention and thrill even though I have no intention of ever meeting up with them because I have no confidence. But then a little while later, you realize that you are happier alone and have no tolerance for other people and their #######4.