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But at the top of the social pyramid is “Mama.” Never to be referred to as “la Madre.” And Mama should never be your . Never kiss “Mama” on the cheek unless she is already your future mother-in-law. Don’t give red roses to your future mother-in-law for example. Never leave red roses with a receptionist where your girlfriend works. Another key issue of dating in Colombia comes down to doing the homework.When dating there will come that time when you will have to come face to face with the matriarch. Refer to her always as “Señora.” Eat with your mouth closed at the family table and offer to help out with the dishes. While it’s nice to be affectionate, you need to know some basic rules when it comes to whom and how to kiss. For most of us no matter how many years pass, we are still guests in the country.Women from Peru are petite and usually possess brown eyes, dark hair, and a tanned skin. Dating a Peruvian woman is a wonderful experience that every man cherishes. If you date a Peruvian bride, you would look forward to spending most of your time with her.If you are wondering where to meet stunning Peruvian brides, head to Lima, the capital of this beautiful country.

Look at Facebook to confirm how Colombians “like” friends and collect them by the thousands. In a country where roses rule, it’s nice to give them. A red rose generally implies passion and sexual interest.Before you get to say “I do” in Colombia, you must get to “I care.” This may sound easy when sharing martinis in the Gastro-zone.Although Bogotá may be the place of the moment, a date can go terribly wrong if you try to get to “second base” without having stepped to some salsa. It is easy to get carried away in bars and surrounded by beautiful people.More than giving Colombian roses or Santander chocolates, dating in Colombia has etiquette.Although you may be ready to take the plunge, there are rules to live by if you are new to cross-cultural dating.