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From the time a child is conceived, its mother provides physical and emotional nurturing to help the baby thrive.

It is no small wonder how mothers win custody battles--they are just presumed to be a better nurturer than fathers.

Stop in for child support and about child custody, there are many other single parenting articles just for single parents about single parenting.

We welcome single fathers and single mothers with or with out custody or who may not be single as of yet.

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In the half-light of that sad morning, I opened the calendar and realized that this crazy quilt would be a map for our lives from now on.

In the morning, we sat the girls on the sofa and told them.

Since the beginning of time, a mother's love has been acknowledged to be the strongest bond in human relationships.

Even in nature, the female of the species will die to protect her young; and so it is with most human beings.