Dating coustumes

The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing.

Upon entry, Kevin Hemmerich -- dressed in a one-piece rabbit suit -- blew an air horn several times inside the department's lobby.

Meanwhile, a trial date has been set for the police officer accused of slapping the costumed man during the incident.

Kevin Hemmerich pleaded guilty Thursday morning in Sparta Municipal Court before Judge John E. Hemmerich also said he understood that his actions could have caused inconvenience, alarm, annoyance or created a risk of danger.

In addition, during the run of the exhibition, on ‘November Cosplay Sundays’ from 3–6pm, visitors will be invited to try on character t-shirts and accessories designed by BLESS and will also receive hairstyling by Hiro and makeup interpretations by “uslu airlines”.

BLESS’s collection of ‘wearaways’ will offer visitors the opportunity to incorporate the characters and take their contemporary interpretations even further, off-site.