Dating heidi montag pratt spencer

Last month, reality stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (aka Speidi) announced that they were expecting their first child this fall.

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Related: Lauren Says That Marriage Has Changed Her For The Better Now, we're learning more about exactly what we saw on MTV this week, and thanks to an exclusive interview Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just gave , it turns out that a LOT of people were apparently left in the dark! She quit thinking they were going to cancel the show. I don't think either of us hold any negative feelings and we both appreciate the times that we were friends… The times that I talked to her were times that I called her, I reached out.No one wanted to see them happy – they didn't even live in that apartment! In 10 years I've still never seen them actually fight." "We had so much fun and didn't ever want to fight, but it meant the producers couldn't do their job."We used to sit at restaurants having massive arguments, yelling at each other, and when they said 'cut' we'd be like, ' What are you doing later? '" In fact, so deep were the friendships forged on the show that Stephanie still keeps in touch with the cast.Including how exactly they’re going to be as parents.Crystal peddler Spencer has revealed he’s going to keep the child on a leash (he was joking, okay, but still), saying it wouldn’t be “just for Disneyland – I won’t ever take it off.” “[Heidi] hates swearing, so that won’t be allowed.” And Heidi says he’ll only be allowed to listen to Christian music.