Dating the enemy soundtrack

It shares a melody with Snowdin Town and Shop, among other songs.

Alphys is the 48th track in the Undertale Soundtrack. ♫ • Stronger Monsters • Hotel Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything Confession • Live Report • Death Report • Spider Dance • Wrong Enemy !?

One Valentine's evening a group of single, dateless friends get together to play Trivial Pursuit.

Brett (Guy Pearce), a friend of the host from Melbourne, has just landed a job as presenter of a TV gossip show. Tash (Claudia Karvan) is a science journalist for a national newspaper, studious, intense and self-conscious.

Be wary some in-game versions are different from the ones put on the soundtrack (minor pitch changes/speed ups or downs), but either is fine.

Rules for this project:- Each of these maps MUST have at LEAST one all mode version contained inside- [OPTIONAL] - You should attempt to name (at least one of) these map difficulties based on the entities that are associated with the theme (e.g.

), BTCYOADLG, and Thundersnail (because they are so epic yet anticlimactic).

UNDERTALE, one of 2015's best-selling games, took the indie world by storm, raking in perfect reviews from IGN and Destructoid and winning a place as one of the 25 best games of all time from Metacritic.

This is the acclaimed soundtrack's debut release on digital storefronts.

They have nothing in common, so naturally they get it together.

A year later and Brett's career is going well, there is the possibility of a job in New York and popularity has gone to his head.