Dragon age origins online profile not updating in carbon dating which isotope of carbon is used

For the past few months, it's not been updating my DAO characters.I created two knew characters, but they haven't showed up on my profile."I have played DA2 before origins , the problems are :1.) how to contact game advisor ( well i find a way meanwhile but online chat is still Loading, so i´ve tried send an email so i will wait 48 hours) 2.) If they make me new persona what will be with my DLCs (i have DAO ultimate edition) because i have already use registration key and now is of course expired.

Anyway, this is regarding my player profile for Dragon Age: Origins.You could also disable your firewall temporarily while playing Dragon Age, just to make sure your content isn't being blocked. Dragon Age II creates a persona that is too long for Dragon Age: Origin to recognize.To get this issue resolved please contact an EA Game advisor to ask them to create a new "dragonage" persona for you. i have read about contact customer support and ask for new dragon age persona account... i dont want lost my register key for DLc -ultimate edition (because now it is of course expired) and the second problem is i have no idea how to contact someone competent -_- I did the same thing yesterday after learning the Keep will import uploaded characters.If there's an error, repeat the aforementioned process.