Ethical dating online

In my opinion it's safest not to lie about or embellish anything.

I empathize with a desire for minor embellishment but why take the chance.

A great diversity of online dating services currently exists.

Some have a broad membership base of diverse users looking for many different types of relationships.

Don't lie or over embellish who you are: So, you knock a couple of years off your age, list yourself a little thinner, or add an inch or two to your height; heck, you might even give yourself a phantom salary raise. You could at least capture someone's attention, give yourself a better shot at setting up an initial meeting, and allow your sparkling personality to close the deal.

Everybody understands this and just about everybody does it.

Ecologist Dating is an online dating site for people who care about environmental issues and want to meet others interested in living ethically.

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It will only prompt a potential partner to wonder: What else has he/she lied about? Don't look for a fight: Some clients have received mean responses from people they've politely solicited.

• Do not respond to an ad if you are not genuinely interested. • If you have responded to an ad and the reply is a rejection, don't take it to heart. It just means you are one step closer to finding your love match.

• If the response is from a candidate clearly outside your stated parameters, ignore it. However, reply to all responses, even if the answer is no.

But for the most part it won't pay off if your picture is so old that you're barely recognizable in person—one client told me he was shocked to find that a 42-year-old woman he drove over an hour to meet had put up her high school picture.

He said he had to circle her several times to make sure she was his date before he approached her.