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Simply put, Light=Yield and Light Rail has been supercharging indoor grow lights since 1986. They have been in service 24 hours a day since 2002.

They have moved up to six lights with 5′ para hoods on slave tracks and are now moving dual foci paras that weigh 40lbs each.

By moving your grow lights, your lights are now considerably more efficient and because of that, you’ll now get much better yields plus up to 30% more area covered – with our grow equipment, you save energy and money, and with much better results. If a light mover increases the effectiveness of light that’s only 50% efficient when stationary, and gets those grow lights closer for maximum use of available wattage and PAR, while covering 30% more area and is quality constructed and solidly made in the USA to perform as an absolute work horse, crop after crop and year after year, that’s significant.

Growers of all sizes have learned that moving their grow lights is a smart business move with returns that are considerable.

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Listeners can kick back and chillax to best of the new releases, classic cuts, exclusives and a direct introduction to the core artists that have shaped the contemporary Soul music scene. Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona is a celebration of beloved and appealing music from the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it.

You’ll hear their tuneful and lively music – and music by their talented contemporaries and predecessors...

moves your indoor grow lights over the tops of the plants, reducing shadow patterns and reducing heat, getting those grow lights closer for maximum use of available wattage and PAR (Inverse Square Law), and getting the correct intensity of light on all the leaves for optimum Leaf Area Index (LAI) which is the single most important factor in increasing yield.

As much as 50% of stationary light is wasted, and simply adding more stationary lights cannot duplicate what light movers can do.