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She’s quick with a zing, and her smarts make her the person in the office least likely to get caught up in a ridiculous scheme (of which there are many).

Though self-serving at times (remember when she made Andy rub her feet?

But when we have the chance to interview incredibly talented and gorgeous women like Swiss model Patrizia Yanguela, it makes all the long, hard hours well worth it.

Tearing up Instagram and having a 2018 calendar in the works, Patrizia has amassed over 1.3 million followers thanks to her incredibly sexy pictures, making us wonder if she really is the perfect woman?

Yes, she’s a fat black woman with an attitude, but she’s also a shrewd businesswoman with an active sex life and her own opinions.

“When my best friend first introduced me to it, she went so fast I made her slow down.It's going to be one tense house after this one though. You know, although it might be tough to believe, we've got a pretty tough job.Known around the office for her expensive tastes (the aforementioned Mercedes, dog parks that are for poodles only) and her dating prowess, Donna is a loyal friend who is always willing to give her coworkers a ride home when they’re drunk or buy out their shares at the Snakehole Lounge (for a considerable markup, of course).Admirable qualities: Donna’s wit is unmatched among her group of also-funny coworkers.