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People in a TPS can be divided into 3 categories: users, participants and people from the environment.

Users: The users are people employees of the company who own the TPS.

You’ll learn how to monitor the availability and performance of your system, manage your logs, and update your server’s software.

The of your servers, and the websites and web applications you host on them, can be critically important.

As before, documents in the in-memory indexing buffer (Figure 19, “A Lucene index with new documents in the in-memory buffer”) are written to a new segment (Figure 20, “The buffer contents have been written to a segment, which is searchable, but is not yet commited”).

But the new segment is written to the filesystem cache first—which is cheap—and only later is it flushed to disk—which is expensive.

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Sitting between Elasticsearch and the disk is the filesystem cache.They will use it to provide information information about the system but will not enter data themselves.The information they provide from the TPS may be used to provide inputs for other information systems such as stock control, marketing etc...TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEMS- collect, store, modify and retrieve the transactions of an organisation.A transaction is an event that generates or modifies data that is eventually stored on an information system.