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Military officials said that she signed a document accepting personal responsibility for her decision to enter, which Betancourt denies.The Colombian state cites DAS documents and video footage of Betancourt the day she was kidnapped as proof that she was aware of the risks she was taking by entering the Andean nation’s former DMZ.

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She became deeply unpopular in her native country in June after asking for m (£4.5m) in compensation from the Colombian government.

That Betancourt was taken hostage by the FARC was nothing out of the ordinary then.

An average of six or seven people were being kidnapped every day.

Ingrid Betancourt, once the world's most pitied and celebrated jungle hostage, has spoken in detail for the first time about her six-and-a-half years as a captive of Colombian guerrillas.

In a voluminous book, published yesterday, the Franco-Colombian politician, 49, describes how she was humiliated, beaten and sexually assaulted by the ultra-leftist Farc guerrillas (Revolutionary Colombian Armed Forces), but managed to cling to her sanity and to her sense of identity.

Ingrid betancourt marc gonsalves dating