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By the time morning rolled around, I was frustrated, fatigued and confused — I got on the first bus back to the border.I happily paid the steep departure tax and vowed never to go back as I crossed back into Jordan. Several tangible events and encounters played a role.And all that’s before Israeli security forces gets involved.The movie is involving, the romance affecting, the sex sound, and the catch-as-catch-can handheld camerawork smartly appropriate for the scenario—the film opens on Nimr (Nicholas Jacob), the Palestinian, skulking in and out of shadows just across from the Ramallah–Tel Aviv border, en route to an Israeli nightclub with a drag show, the last place his family would want him to go.Black Pearl, the black hunk who made the delivery, quickly figures out that Stephen Harte might be a strongman in the white-collar world, but behind the bedroom door he turns into a submissive slut who loves handing his ass over to a alpha top.Black Pearl has a huge black dick between his legs, and Stephen services it with his mouth and ass.In the four days that have thus far comprised my second visit to Israel, thus far spent entirely within the cosmopolitan seaside metropolis of Tel Aviv, many of the revelations I’ve experienced have dawned on me under different instances of a recurring circumstance: Getting to know an Israeli man.I woke up in seat 3B of an Aegean Airlines flight inbound from Athens.

Here is a compelling tale of potential love that is already something of an international incident—you think it’s easy for a young Palestinian to cross into Israel?

Much to his surprise, Stephen discovered a vast collection of black dildos in the package.

But why play with something fake when you can have the real thing?

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