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An online dating profile is a collection of random personal facts that would not be of the slightest interest to someone who did not want to see you naked.Even the best of them are just lists of culture particles hoping to collide with someone else’s list, with inane conversation as a byproduct (“OMG you like the Wire too?!!? The worst are those that mean to be clever but are in fact as tired as a plantation mule (“Hahaha I am useless before I have coffee in the morning!A OK, some of our members could be described as ‘high net worth’, but we also attract many on a more modest budget such as small business owners, academics, teachers, musicians, actors and civil servants.If you feel another approach would suit you better, we can outline a range of alternative options including our own internet dating site, which provides a free service, also designed for intelligent singles.

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But along the way we also find unique programs, from Stanford to the free desert school Deep Springs to the historically black all women’s college Spelman, where the potential for life-changing college experiences endure.If you’re outside these ranges click on this link: explore our free internet dating site covering all age groups.A If you live in London or the South East of the UK, that’s great, this is where a lot of our members live.Most of our members are very cosmopolitan in outlook.European and international introductions can also be offered by arrangement Q: I’ve heard Drawing Down the Moon described as a matchmaking agency for thinking people, but I’m not an intellectual or academic from an ivory tower university like Oxford or Cambridge – will I be compatible with your members?