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I am so happy that you have overcome things, especially getting off medications, and now being in a loving and stable relationship. Yes, anything you can share with me would be great.

I’m so Dear Eliana: To have a healthy, loving relationship takes two people, of course.

I’d throw things and scream until my throat went numb.

I’d turn little things into huge things, and I’d say terrible things that I didn’t mean.

And I was diagnoses with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as well.

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If you were involved with an honest, decent man in your past and you did the “messing things up” in the relationship, how did you mess things up (generally and examples)? Maybe, I felt I would be unfulfilled with a healthy relationship with a nice man, because I would be bored, since all I knew was instability.

The DSM is now in its fifth edition, DSM-5, published on May 18, 2013.

The DSM evolved from systems for collecting census and psychiatric hospital statistics, and from a United States Army manual.

While the DSM has been praised for standardizing psychiatric diagnostic categories and criteria, it has also generated controversy and criticism.

Critics, including the National Institute of Mental Health, argue that the DSM represents an unscientific and subjective system.