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Less commonly, donor sperm may be used in in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The method used can have consequences in relation to the legal recognition of the male parent (partner of the mother) in some countries, but the biological nature of the conception and the course of the pregnancy will be the same, however it is achieved, and the sperm donor will be the biological father of every child produced from his donations.

It was like he wasn't enjoying it, like he was making an effort.

At first I thought it was because my parents were there - but it hadn't bothered him before.' Sex stopped completely for the rest of the pregnancy.

After many years in the field, Anonymous has lots of stories and insight to share. It is very difficult to do couples therapy if one or both participants have one foot in and the other out.We also have to determine if one or both participants can fully overcome the partner's subjective wrongdoings.They can't use those things to throw in one another's face or to serve as the foundation for residual anger down the road.'We were in Spain, staying with my parents, and I was three months pregnant,' says Cath, 35, a full-time mother of three.'It was hot, we were relaxed, but when I initiated sex I could tell Jim wasn't interested.