Orlando bloom dating again

They also wore matching, black baseball caps, since everyone knows that's the only way to stay incognito.

Six months ago, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced that they were “taking respectful, loving space at this time,” which is celebrity for “we’re gonna bang some other people for a bit.” It was the sad, but amicable end to their 10-month, penis-dangling-from-a–paddle-board relationship.

"Nina has known Orlando for a few years now," the insider revealed.

"She’s been out with him in social settings with mutual friends.

The celebrity duo was spotted canoodling at the Staples Center on Saturday, August 12, and Perry and Bloom were reportedly displaying their PDA. Orlando seemed to be having a great time and really seemed to enjoy the concert, even dancing at one point.

An eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that Perry and Bloom were flirting it up.

I should've posted this 1 first pic.twitter.com/GYNnx8Kj0l— M.

The pair, who broke up in February, were spotted together at Ed Sheeran’s LA concert at the weekend. Elite Daily reached out to Perry and Bloom's teams for comment on their relationship status, but did not hear back in time of publication.Katy was more laid back and seemed to just be listening and taking it all in.His young soulful energy is just the spark that couples need.Here’s hoping they take another paddle boarding trip.