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It certainly would seem to warrant further investigation.”Skepticism from other defense attorneys came earlier this month during a preliminary hearing for 18 fraternity members charged in Piazza's death.Jam to the live grooves of the world's premier Prince tribute band, The Purple Xperience. We have attended their baby showers, brought food over after baby was born, and have gone to their children's birthday parties once.We continue to get invited to their kids' parties, but I have to be honest, I HATE going.What responsibility should be assigned to Tim Bream, the 56-year-old athletic trainer and live-in fraternity adviser who was, by all accounts, at the Beta Theta Pi house the night prosecutors say Piazza was forced to drink himself to the point of stumbling incoherence, a state that led to his death in a series of falls.

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Ridgewood PD had received numerous 911 telephone calls from residents in the area reporting loud music, crowds of teenagers congregating, and unknown individuals running through back yards. Tickets available via registration: Register Now Already registered? Dear Carolyn: Our two friends who we have been relatively close with for years have two small children.Brennan, a lawyer for Joseph Ems Jr., a Philadelphia student who has been charged with reckless endangerment in the case.“It's reminiscent of the scene in Casablanca where authorities are shocked that there's gambling at Rick's Cafe.