Reasons for backdating jsa

I have had people ask me how can I be in the Contribution-Based ESA and in the Support Group.Well, I have worked in the past and paid Tax and National Insurance, and the condition I suffer from is rare, which affects the nervous system, and caused other problems like Epileptic seizures, Functional Episodes, Panic attacks, Anxiety, chronic depression (to the point where I am a danger to myself and others around me) and is progressively becoming worse over the years.All this happened from an accident in my early 20's, and took Neurologists nearly 2 years to diagnose, back then I was only the 7th known case in the UK.So, getting back on track - do you know or are you going through a re-assessment for ESA, and that are in the Support Group? In the case of intermediate level sanctions, your JSA claim may also be disallowed.If you are claiming JSA jointly with your partner, and only one of you has failed to meet a condition, your JSA will be reduced to the rate normally paid to a single person.

It is these sanctions that we will look at in this factsheet. JSA sanctions Sanctions can be applied if you fail to meet the work-related conditions relating to JSA. There are three different types of sanction: lower, intermediate and higher.Housing Benefit is a means-tested benefit to help you pay rent. Council Tax Support is a scheme to reduce Council Tax bills for people on a low income.Council Tax Support covers up to 85 per cent of the Council Tax bill for people of working age, and up to 100 per cent for pensioners.I know it is due, but I was just wondering if and when?I see many people on the Forums asking questions regarding new ESA Claims, but as of yet I have not seen anyone that has been asked to attend a re-assessment in the Support Group of ESA.