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And then one year, our friend Katie Lee invited us to the Hamptons for a couple of days, and we just fell in love with the vibe.

She convinced us to rent a house, and we did one summer, four years ago now, and we have come back ever since.

GD: Jade’s a big baker, so in the summer we make lots of crostatas, just a freeform pie, if you will, an Italian version. Jade loves strawberries and blueberries—we make jam together and we make crostatas.

What To Ask For: If you have longer hair, it's important to keep the layers in proportion to the length so the look is modern!Tell your stylist to start the layers just a few inches higher than the ends of your hair.With Jody and Marlena gone on Big Brother 19, all of the house's obvious targets have been evicted.“A brush will give a faster, more natural-looking ombré instead of a hard and heavily saturated look.I’ve seen this done in Sweden, and I often apply ombré highlights with a comb for more even distribution.” Works for us!