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In fact, he is doing more than the officials and publishers posted by the diplomatic mission of Costa Rica at the fair. I was surprised when someone told me that Costa Rica was the theme country.

While cycling through India, I realised that most people hadn't heard of Costa Rica and here is a city that has invited our publishers and writers to its biggest literary fair," Bekarari said.

The film is the most memorable thing for me in my life.Bekarari has already cycled 44,050km and looks weather-beaten, but he is indomitable.You will see him enthusiastically meeting visitors to the fair and talking about his country to them — about its food, culture, places of tourist interest.I am glad the opportunity came my way," Pooja told.'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar' was a 1992 Indian sports drama film directed by Mansoor Khan. It enhanced the whole sexism quotient that I had come with.