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However, we quickly came to our senses when we saw her standing at the blue screen talking about Sharknadoes. Sure, she’s a blonde bombshell who likes to adopt Ethiopian kids, two things we fully endorse.

We’re not sure if she is still dating Scottie Hartnell, but she can twerk on us anytime. Brooke Bailey: Well, De Sean Jackson had long been rumored to be dating Wilhelmina model Chantel Jeffries. However, she seems a little too perfect, perhaps too much Cinderella, whereas sometimes we crave Cruella De Vil. Mike Vick — took a few minutes to speak with us last year for an interview. We wouldn’t find out until months later, via Instagram, that she might be able to give Nicki Minaj a run for her “twerking” ass.

How do you date Laura and Lauren , two beautiful girls and marry a gold digger that looks like a piglet. She probably lives off of his money and wants to make sure that it keeps coming.

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. She's young now wants to be a hockey wife when he retires your not going into the wives room your just a wife to a retired NHL player life changes Of course she'll get pregnant right away and then tell everyone it was planned.

A quick Wikipedia search reveals that “twerking” has actually been around since 1993. Or, since this is a website devoted to sports, watch a Lingerie Football League player twerk all over her opponent’s head.

By definition, it means to bounce your hips up and down in a sexually suggestive manner. With that appetizer fresh in your mind, we present a few WAGS (a few suspected, a few confirmed) of Philadelphia athletes that we wouldn’t mind “twerking” with: 1.

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Plus, his portrayal of the historical brave character Eugene Sledge in the HBO miniseries "The Pacific" has been highly admired by most of the movie critics in the United States of America.

Just to verify he is dating someone, his twitter tweet of July 18 will be posted below: “My girlfriend almost just chose a middle seat over an aisle because it was closer to the front of the plane.” Clearly, he is not a gay as he is dating his mystery girlfriend and neither the dinosaurs from the Jurassic park were gays.

They just wanted to kill whoever came into their territory weather that did be male or female.

Ever since rapper French Montana asked, “What you twerkin’ with?

,” a viral phenomenon took over women’s backsides from the Main Line to Morocco.