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4.5" long; very colorful with "waves" splashing against the bow.

the candle and holder are still sealed in cellophane pack.

the bearded old sailor sits in the stern wearing a blue slicker and rain hat. the colors are bright and vivid on the front and faded on the back.

B) boxed UNCLE SAM - .50 C) boxed ROSES - .50 D) boxed smiling HAPPY FACES - .50 E) boxed BOTTLE CAPS includes COKE - .50 F) boxed PANDA BEAR - .50 G) boxed Smiling FISH - .50 celluloid. Boxed set of 3 "celluloid" boats; Made In Japan; circa 1920 by "CK". Instructions say to set magic piece under the stern. At the end of each interval, the organizer signals the participants to move on to the next date.Participants complete confidential rating sheets for each date, saying who they like and, most importantly, who may receive their contact information.