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Color varies from light violet to a deep purple with flashes of pink in exceptional specimens.

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If I had to test every potentially useful tool before deciding not to use it, I would end up spending the bulk of my life testing. If some company wants to make money off me using their service, they better have a compelling pitch for why it’s worth me taking away time and attention from my work, family and friends — even if just temporarily.To be honest, this comments discussion is probably more valuable than the original post, as it covers a lot more ground, often quite eloquently.A natural follow-up question, however, is whether this discussion changed my mind on the issue.Garnets are found worldwide in several gemological varieties exhibited in lovely oranges, greens, violets; with reds being most commonly recognized.Hardness: 7 to 7.5 depending on variety In Hinduism and Buddhism garnet is considered a holy stone that enlightens the should and bestows wisdom.