Updating webreference

You can download it here (though before you do, read the note below).

In this article I’m only going to tell you have, if you need more information check Miguel A.

Castro’s article “WCF the Manual Way…the Right Way“.

Start by createing a basic class library project and reference the System. This library is going to be referenced by both the client and the server.

However they provided no WSDL and no ASMX – therefore it would be impossible to use Web References.

They only provided the name of the web methods, their urls, calling credentials and an XML request example. what is the right way, on Visual Studio, to call an external web service, without WSDL, ASMX or adding a web reference? The execution flow I used was: create a Web/SOAP request, set request method to POST (for some reason the 3rd party developed the webservices that way), convert the XML containing the Web Service input into a byte array (payload), write the XML payload into the web request, use the web request to get a response from the Web Service, return an XML with the Web Service response (or an error XML).