Updating xp to service pack 2

the anti-virus software has not been updated or the firewall is not configured properly.

You may wish to disable the security center which always runs on startup on installing SP2.

You can disable the Security Center by : Many of the enhancements and bug fixes were made to the system files so they are not visible to end users.

Examples include: better control of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Distributed Common Oject Model (DCOM) and improved protection against buffer-overrun exploits.

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### IMPORTANT UPDATE - 3rd February 2003 ### Microsoft have now released Windows XP Service Pack 1a...

Part of its success relied in its appealing interface, since it was different than the ones that had been available before its launch.

The aim of this article is to cover the contents of this service pack for XP.It doesn't matter what XP updates you have previously applied to your system, SP2 will update any unpatched, partially patched or completely updated system (it includes all previously released patches and updates).If you are going to reinstall the original release of Windows XP on a PC, it is important that you apply this Service Pack BEFORE connecting to the Web.Nasty viruses and worms like Sasser and Blaster can enter an unpatched system as soon as it is connected to the Web. You don't even have to receive email or go to a web site - just being connected is enough.XP SP2 fixes the security holes so you won't get attacked.