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Does the color scheme make it difficult to impossible for those with color-deficient vision impairments, or who have trouble discriminating certain color combinations to read the information at the site (examples of problematic text/backgrounds: dark gray on black, yellow on white, red on green)?Design/Style Is the site pleasing or comfortable to look at, allowing your eyes to travel the page logically?Active Control property to the current form, focus events occur in the following order Enter Got Focus Leave Validating Validated Lost Focus When you change the focus by using the mouse or by calling the Focus method, focus events occur in the following order: Enter Got Focus Lost Focus Leave Validating Validated event provides the hook to perform the validation and Error Provider gives a nice consistent approach to providing the user with feedback on any error conditions. though: The Error Provider component does not provide built-in support for accessibility clients.

Site Owner/Author Who owns the site or is otherwise responsible for the content of the site.

we are developing a application which need to check whether user entering valid "AADHAR" number or not.

i find some links and some "apis" but didn't meet final requirement please provide me a some useful material to solve this What is Aadhaar?

Id, First Name, Last Name, Email, Bio, Age, Blog Url and Phone.

Once you create the User Profile table make sure to add an ADO.