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The area is generally quite safe, even if the businesses may surprise people who are unaware of the city’s reputation.In addition to the sexual services sold by individuals, you can also find sex theaters and peep shows.Each of these exhibits is sexual in nature, so it’s most likely not for the conservative type.While the sex industry has made this area famous, there are also townhouses and walkways that make the area quite lovely.Deakin’s arrest on April 20 reveals one of the darkest corners of the internet, where paedophiles in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia pay facilitators on the other side of the world to sexually abuse children, even babies, directing their moves through online livestreaming services.The FBI says it’s epidemic, and that at any given moment, 750,000 child predators are online.With its world-famous red light district dotted with window brothels, Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole are seen as a haven for sex workers.

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Users of children for commercial and sexual purposes can be categorized by motive.

Selling sex and running brothels are legal in the Netherlands, however the details of laws around the country can make the day-to-day lives of sex workers tough, explains Yvette Luhrs, who is an adult film actress, a webcam performer and member of the Proud union.

The group, which has been running for around three years, fights for the rights of those who sell sex, work in strip clubs, in adult films, perform phone sex, and appear on cam sites.

Proud believes that sex work should be decriminalised to stop women from being pushed underground and put into danger.

Estimates suggest between 15,000 to 30,000 people in Holland are sex workers, in a nation of over 16 million people.