When hes dating me and his babymoma

MOVAIt’s time to have a big talk, even if you’re afraid he won’t like it. If he can’t put that plan into motion immediately — go find someone who is available to date, for reals.

In many situations seemingly, the mother isn't going to be overly receptive.

Perhaps it is you or more specifically, your existence that is top secret to the baby momma.

Not allowing you to ride along is an indication that he is hiding you from her or vice versa, her from you.

On several occasions I’ve told him to end what we have and go make his family work because I know what it is like to love someone and they don’t love you back, and he keeps telling me no. What is unbelievable is that you took three years of this nonsense. The responses by this column are the opinion of the author of Dear Willie and are not to be thought of as counseling or advice.

e keeps his interactions with her a “secret” One clear sign on the makings of a great relationship is having open and honest communication with your man.