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The two are also no longer following each other on Instagram, although Dayna is still following Dylan's identical twin brother, Riverdale star Cole Sprouse. And plenty of other people were equally shocked to learn that the beloved child actor was capable of cheating on his girlfriend. 'What Dylan [di] was wrong but don't send him hate,' one person wrote. ' Meanwhile, J-14 questioned what would happen to their English bulldog Magnus, whom they adopted last August in honor of Dylan's 24th birthday and had been living with them in their Brooklyn home.

A screengrab of Dayna's photo has been shared on Twitter by Riverdale fan account 'alys loves lili&cole' with the caption: 'I'm sorry WHAT.''Dayna is so beautiful and her and Dylan were so adorable. A Twitter fan account for Dylan's identical twin brother, Riverdale star Cole Sprouse, tweeted: 'My childhood is ruined but most importantly poor Dayna. The outlet reports that Dylan and Dayna had been dating since 2014, noting that were rumors that they had broken up for a bit last summer they had both removed photos of them together from Instagram.

They were spotted arm-in-arm in Vancouver, Canada, making everyone think that they were a couple.

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During his time away from the spotlight, he has been working hard along with his longtime bud and fellow Disney Channel alum Doug Brochu on their business, All-Wise Meadery and Dayna has been by his side, becoming such great friends with Doug and his girlfriend too. Since the news came out about the couple's breakup, they have both unfollowed each other on Instagram and Dayna has deleted all the photos she had with Dylan, although she is still following her ex's brother Cole and his co-star/rumored girlfriend Lili Reinhart.Things are going to be a bit awkward for this friend group now. Dayna has also turned off the comments on her most recent IG pics and fans took note that Dylan was deleting comments from his Instagram posts as well.Fans are legit very torn up over these cheating allegations and subsequent breakup, taking to Twitter to vent their feelings. The real question is what is going to happen to their beloved dog Magnus?!Although fans of the couple are eager to know what happened, Dayna didn't provide any other information, and neither she nor Dylan has commented on the alleged cheating.It appears as though Dayna has deleted almost every photo of Dylan on her Instagram page; however, there are still photos of him on her Twitter account. 'Although many were quick to blame Dylan, others urged fans of the couple to resist the desire to criticize him. You [should] rather send love to Dayna, Spread some positivity!