Who is bob whitfield dating

I’m in that even smaller minority of viewers that are both Kenya podcast to discuss the Chateau Sheree housewarming party at the finale and the four part reunion. No one ever acknowledges that Kandi Burruss was right next to Kenya when she brought the camera crew down into the basement- until this interview.She was asked if she expected Kenya and Kim to go at it during the finale and she admitted, “No. First of all, no one knew that tacky Kenya would go into the basement. Clearly the party is on the main level, but you know that’s just who she is.” Yeah, she was really doing the most that night. Sheree was asked if she felt Kandi was being shady and apparently Kandi’s presence didn’t bother Sheree since she said, “Kandi was just kind of being dragged downhill.Years ago, the two of them never got along and he kept saying he couldn’t pay her the owed child and spousal support after their divorce because he had stopped playing in the NFL.Whitfield was upset with him and she threw water in his face during a conversation., Sheree Whitfield is shown getting friendly again with her ex-husband Bob.

Whitfield playing the field with several young women including Sheree Whitfield; a local blogger and a California woman.

), automobiles, and other valuables because they were worthless to the court.

Well all of that is good for Bob, but bad, bad news for Sheree!

Sheree was scared and concerned for her son’s safety, especially since so many African-American men had been shot by white police officers.

during a road trip — that her ex, Bob Whitfield, would abuse her during their seven-year marriage. If this isn't bad enough, Bob will also recall a time the two went to Vegas together after they split — but it's not exactly a happy reminiscing about their little getaway.