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Having mistaken Farrell and me for a couple, he performs a darshan blessing to calculate our compatibility – apparently, I am very good for him. 'Do not tell the secrets in your heart so easily.’ This feels less of a message from the Hindu gods than from Farrell’s long-suffering publicist.

Farrell nods gravely, and stops short of rattling out the rest of an anecdote about his drug-fuelled youth, which begins, 'I used to love an eight ball,’ his eyebrows tilting like slashes of black marker pen.

The relative ease of technology and the bevy of choices that it has offered has created a dating dystopia of sorts.

It’s a buffet of options, carefully curated by users, devoid of initial chemistry, and even easier to just float back into the app void without accountability.

After meeting with Amelia Warner they started dating each other right after they meet within the grand premiere of Qullis and they started getting close of each other during the year 2000.

They mentioned about their official affair from July till November of 2001.

I had been talking to a dude from whichever dating app didn’t currently seem as abjectly terrible as the rest for almost a month.

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All this is strange; only stranger because Farrell’s film The Lobster, a dystopian satire of 21st-century mating, opens next week, and Autobiography of a Yogi is Farrell’s current bedside tome.

It was kind of like the last -- it feels like in my head, not hers, I'm projecting -- but the last kind of romantic relationship I had.

Which was never consummated." PHOTOS: Liz Taylor's many marriages Farrell went on to detail their late-night phone calls.

"And they go, ' No, she knows who you are.' And I went, ' Wow, cool.

Well, tell her I said hello and I wish her the best,' and they said, ' Will do.'" PHOTOS: Liz Taylor's legendary life That might have been the end of it, but Farrell couldn't get Taylor off his mind.