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Later that night, Abbey is called by the police to Tommy’s house, where she finds him holding his whole family at gunpoint.

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Because abduction reports were so similar to each other and presented a very limited narrative format (people are picked up, prodded and let go), the experience has not translated well onto the screen.

From performing at Alton Towers Scarefest to passing their exams, it has been a busy six months for the youngsters from Sapphire Dance Academy.

This month saw the school take part in Move It, the UK’s largest dance exhibition at London’s Ex Cel Centre.

Chloe, who also enjoyed a romance with co-star Scott Timlin, added to the glamorous feel of the ensemble with the luxury addition of silver accessories including a glimmering choker, bracelets and a matching bag and shoes set.

She's known for wearing some rather daring outfits, and Chloe Ferry's New Year's Eve outfit was no exception.