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Many people mistakenly think that the emerging church would just be those of the caliber of Brian Mc Laren or Rob Bell. We believe the documentation we have gathered these past 15 years clearly shows that the two movements are one in the same.

That being said, one of the problems is that many Christians do not understand what contemplative spirituality is.

In fact, without contemplative prayer, the emerging church would not have had the success (if you will) that it has had because contemplative prayer is the force that drives it.

And given the fact that there are so many variables equal between the two, if someone is a proponent of contemplative prayer, we classify him as part of the emerging church.

Her first television role was as Bessie, the secretary, on the 1955 syndicated series The Great Gildersleeve, starring Willard Waterman and based on the Fibber Mc Gee and Molly radio program.

She guest starred in numerous television series, including two Rod Cameron syndicated crime dramas, State Trooper and Coronado 9.

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