Who is ty lawson dating

If Judge Fay instead determines that Lawson—who the reports has failed three alcohol tests since last September and failed to perform 48 hours of required community service—has violated the terms of his probation, she could order the 29-year-old, former UNC standout to spend some time behind bars.

Lawson’s eight-year NBA career also hangs in the balance.

The Kings are scheduled to host the Bucks that night.

A judge will decide then whether Lawson’s probation should be revoked and whether he should be sentenced to jail instead.

Over prosecutors’ objections, the former Denver Nugget was sentenced to probation rather than jail last year and ordered to remain sober.

Probation officials issued a summons last week ordering Lawson to appear in court March 22 to respond to their allegations.

Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson allegedly shoved his pregnant girlfriend before he was arrested for domestic violence on Saturday, this according to the police report -- but the girlfriend was arrested too.On March 22, Lawson will again face Judge Fay, except this time he might not be so lucky.Lawson will need to “show cause” that his probation should not be revoked and that he should not be sent to jail.However, Lawson's recent infractions could jeopardize his future with the team.Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy noted that no part of Lawson's contract is guaranteed, so the Kings wouldn't incur any financial hit if they released him.